Bonded Warehouse

Customer can benefit from the privilege of the Bonded Warehouse.

Import Cargo
  • Customers can store goods and defer paying import duties for up to one year after the vessels arrival at a Thai port.
  • Partial withdraws of cargo and their customs clearance are allowed with customers paying the import duties on only the items taken from the Bonded Warehouse.
  • Cargo ownership can be transferred to another party when goods are withdrawn from the Bonded Warehouse.
  • Bonded cargo can be transported to a Bonded Factory, BOI factory, Export Processing Zone (EPZ) or re-exported to foreign countries subject to Customs procedures.
  • A Customs inspector is present full-time at BISCO's Bonded Warehouse to check the arrival and discharging of cargo and facilitate Customs procedures.
  • Bonded cargo can be re-packaged for the purpose of re-export.

Export Cargo
  • Exporters, having Bonded Factory status, are able to store export products at BISCO's Bonded Warehouse before shipment to foreign countries.