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       BISCO has various type of warehouses such as Bonded Warehouse, Dangerous Cargo Warehouse, Temperature controlled Warehouse and Heavy cargo warehouse with high quality of services to meet the customers needs. In addition, BISCO has five branches at Bangpoo, Bangna and Laemchabang so that the customers can select the best location for their benefit.
Features of the BISCO warehouse
 One Stop Services  Quality and Safety
 We provide a full range of services from unloading of marine containers to storage, packing, palletizing and delivery to the factory or export to abroad. BISCO's warehouse variety enables customers to operate in one location.
Accurate inventory By the originally designed WMS (Warehouse Management System) and many internal procedures to confirm the figures, BISCO can provide accurate first-in first-out inventory and inventory history to the customers. Any information such as receiving, delivery and stock balance can be submitted on time.
Professionals who are familiar with heavy and dangerous cargo   will work safely and securely
We conduct KYT activities and regular safety guidance. We are    always striving to improve safety awareness.    
 ※KYT: Kiken Yochi Training(Accident prediction training)   
Thorough 5S activities  
 ※ 5S : Seiri(Sort), Seiton (Set in order), Seiso (Scrub), Seiketsu (Standardize), Shitsuke (Sustain)  
Work is performed in accordance with the standard work manual for loading, unloading, and storage.  
 Dangerous Cargo Warehouse
BISCO1 Bangpoo
       This Dangerous cargo warehouse has plenty of space and including temperature controlled room. In additional, this warehouse is complete explosion-proof and equipped with chemical sprinkler and an underground tank to prevent the chemical leaking to the environment.
 General Cargo Warehouse
BISCO1/BISCO2 at Bangpoo / Bangna Trad 23km/ Laemchabang
      BISCO's General Cargo Warehouse provides a full range of services for all kinds of cargo. From one carton box to a 10 Ton steel coil you can ask BISCO to handle.
We handle various type of cargos
  • Metal : Bar / Coil / Sheet in roll
  • Paper in roll
  • Paper sheet in pallet
  • Plastics resin
  • Machinery
Many kind of service to meet customers needs.   
  • Stuffing
  • Stuffing
  • Picking
  • Sorting
  • Palletizing
  • Labeling
  • Just In Time Delivery (JIT )
 Temperature controlled rooms 
BISCO1/BISCO2  Bangpoo
      BISCO has temperature controlled rooms at Bangpoo I.E. with a temperature range of +5℃-+20℃. Some are big enough to keep machinery and some are specialized for keeping chemicals.
 Bonded warehouse  
BISCO1/BISCO2  Bangpoo
      BISCO has two bonded warehouses at Bangpoo I.E. These two warehouses provide customers with many choices of logistics scheme.
   We handle various type of cargos 
    Import Cargos 
     • Customers can store goods and defer paying import duties for up to two year after the vessels arrival at a Thai port.
     • Partial withdraws of cargo and their customs clearance are allowed with customers paying the import duties on only the items
        taken from the Bonded Warehouse.
     • Cargo ownership can be transferred to another party when goods are withdrawn from the Bonded Warehouse.
     • Bonded cargo can be transported to a Bonded Factory, BOI factory, Export Processing Zone (EPZ) or re-exported to foreign
        countries subject to Customs procedures.
     • Bonded cargo can be re-packaged for the purpose of re-export.
    Export Cargo 
     • Exporters, having Bonded Factory status, are able to store export products at BISCO's Bonded Warehouse before shipment to
        foreign countries.
Transportation service (All Branches)  
      To make our customers’ business more competitive, combined with our excellent location, BISCO provide the customers with pickup truck, 6 wheels truck, 10 wheels truck, trailer and temperature controlled truck with GPS system for inland transportation service.